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Gentle Birth

The art and joy of gentle birth
MyGentleBorn childbirth preparation classes, based on the HypnoBirthing philosophy, teaches three techniques: Breathing, Relaxation and Visualization. The use of these powerful techniques and an intensive mental training will enable you to have a positive and comfortable birthing experience.


How to birth confidently
As an experienced childbirth educator , postpartum doula, and mother of 4 HypnoBirthing babies I encourage women to release their fears of giving birth, trust themselves and use their natural birthing instincts to ensure that they achieve their ideal birth for themselves, their birthing partner and their babies!


HypnoBirthing prenatal classes
Birth does not have to be a painful experience. In the MyGentleBorn childbirth preparation classes, you will be prepared for birth by learning approved techniques and tools for a self-confident, comfortable and gentle birth.

MyGentleBorn Classes Teach You:

How to release fears and other limiting thoughts

How to create a calm birthing environment

How to build confidence

How to trust your body

Inspiring Birth Stories

Every pregnant woman has her own wishes and fears when thinking about the birth of her child, making every birthing experience unique.

All pregnant women, however, have one thing in common: The desire to have a positive birthing experience.

How you define a ‘positive experience’ is personal. It is a state of mind, meaning you control how you feel, no matter what happens during labor.

Every single story you read here was written by a mother whose desire for her ideal birth was so strong that she decided to take control of her feelings in advance.


A. Postola, Helsinki, Finland, 2012

Hi Awital,
Thank you for your support. The baby is here and I’m fine and so happy and relaxed. My labor was hard work, but quite fast. I was very well prepared and thanks to the classes you gave me I was so optimistic and confident. It was definitely the most incredible experience of my life. Almost metaphysical and not real…



H. & J. Sagoo, Lohja Finland, 2014

Hi Awital
I have not yet given you my praises of the course. We both really enjoyed it and felt so good afterwards. I am in such good spirits going forward and I have been using the rainbow relaxation every evening when going to bed. Also all the positivity that was given to everyone in the course was mind blowing. You are doing a great job with this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


J. Hamel-Lavigne, Helsinki, Finland 2013

Hi Awital,
Thank you so much for this journey through your birth preparation classes. I feel prepared and look forward to the big day with confidence, that it will be one of the best of my life! Thank you for making this possible and for your teaching.



L. Gear, Oulu Finland, 2014

Hi Awital
Thank you so much for the weekend intensive. I am in great spirits and feel so content and excited about everything. Great to meet everyone.

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